Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Very Own Poem

Recently we have become concerned about poetry since Person told us that no one has written any poems about us. This made us quite sad. We explained this to Person every five minutes. We have now bothered person a sufficient amount and she has written a poem all about us! We hope you enjoy our poem!

  The Town of Elsie

There once was a bunny named Elsie
Who lived at the top of a tree
Which was quite unusual to see

Now this bunny was lonely
Because she didn't have any friends
She couldn't hop for being so sad

Until one grand day she met
A zebra all striped black and white
Who was also in need of a friend

So they went and they made
Themselves a home in a tent
And raided the village for food

They ate all the carrots
Raspberries and lettuce
And nibbled up all of the seeds

There's no doubt about it
The village was ransacked
The people were all in uproar

Then the pair they were sorry
That the people were hungry
So they offered to help with repair

They helped with replanting
With tending and weeding
And they didn't nibble any more seeds

So the villagers were happy
And bunny and zebra moved in with a Person
Who had plenty of carrots to spare

And we really do think
Although we are not quite certain
That this is how the town of Elsie got its name


  1. That's a great poem. You two are so lucky.

    1. We are very proud of Person for writing us such a nice poem. Hope you are having fun on your trip!

  2. You have a very nice and smart Person.

  3. Wow... nice poem!! You guys are beary special to have a poem written for you.