Saturday, May 9, 2015


Elsie and I have been very busy helping Person with the important job of making a sleeping bag for our photo contest winner Ajdin! We emailed with Ajdin to see what sort of sleeping bag would be good and decided to make a space themed sleeping bag since Ajdin dreams of being an astronaut bear!

We went to the fabric store with Person and picked out some very nice fabric. We like visiting the fabric store because there is always a chance Person will buy some fabric to make something for us. She did not this time which was sad.

This fabric we picked is very soft and is Ajdin's favorite color, blue!

Once we got home with the fabric, Elsie and I got to work. The first thing we had to do was very difficult and required measurements and math. We aren't very good at math so we hope the sleeping bag will fit Ajdin. We did ask for Person to help so I think it will be OK. She is good at math.

Using the measuring tape is fun!

We used the big sewing scissors to cut the fabric.

Helping Person iron.

No, no Elsie! Don't touch the iron. It's very hot!

After we did all the preliminary steps, we had to pin the pieces together. Elsie poked herself with a pin and we had to give her some chocolate so she would calm down.

You have to be careful when sewing because there are lots of sharp things.

 When we were all done getting ready to sew, Person used the sewing machine to put all the pieces together. We are not allowed to use the sewing machine. Person says it is dangerous.

When the sleeping bag was all finished, Person showed us a very exciting surprise! This sleeping bag is kind of magic and we got very excited because it glows in the dark!

See how the astronauts and stars on the fabric glow!

The only thing left to do was package up the sleeping bag and mail it to Ajdin.

No Elsie! You can not go live with Ajdin! We would miss you!

Finally, we wrote up a little letter to tell Ajdin about the magic qualities of the sleeping bag. We had Person write the letter on the computer but we signed it ourselves.

I think we did a very nice job on our letter

We think our project was a big success. Now we just need to get Person to take us back to the fabric store to buy some fabric to make something for us.  We are both badly in need of princess dresses to go with the tiaras we got for Christmas! How shall we convince her of the importance of this?


  1. That's quite the project you two took on. Great job with the sleeping bag, you two should go into business.

    1. Thank you Little Fox! We do have a business. We work at Studio Lumio as Studio Assistants, We have a bio in the about us section. We are very proud of our work. Stuffies can order custom made sleeping bags from us.

  2. Thank you for the sleeping bag! I love it: